Member Testimonials

"As part of a small consulting practice, the collective expertise of the Consultant Allies network enables me to provide my clients with more complete, richer solutions to their business challenges. I have access to the thought-leadership and multidisciplinary experience found in large firms, yet I am able to focus entirely on creating value for my clients."

- Andy Boivin | Strategy & Operations Consultant

"Consultant Allies offers us a great opportunity to be partnered with a group of like-minded, driven, and smart consultants in order to explore common pain-points, growing pains, and client challenges. The additional benefits it brings to members such as insurance, back office support, and professional development further strengthens the quality of its membership. I’m more excited than ever to learn from highly talented individuals so I’m able to deliver even more value to my current and future clients." 

- Jeff Baker | IT Consultant

"Consultant Allies has developed a new paradigm that is tailored to the needs of independent consultants and small firms. They provide many of the benefits of being part of a larger consulting firm – collaboration, access to services and thought partnership – while being able to remain independent. I have been particularly impressed by the level of customization: they listen to their members and continuously improve on services, drive deeper connections between members and provide opportunities for growth. The Consultant Allies team gets what makes consultants tick and it’s a pleasure to be a part of it."

- Kathy Bristow | Healthcare Operations Consultant

"Consulting is changing. It has become more and more specialized and people are delivering services as single practitioners. Providing well-rounded services to your clients requires connecting with specialists and growing your practice requires that you have eyes and ears in multiple markets. Through its network of talented individuals, Consultant Allies has connected me to an engagement I would never have uncovered. Consultant Allies is a resource you shouldn't be without."

- Ken Silay | Innovation & IT Consultant

"Consultant Allies is a great platform for growing my consulting practice. I have access to a trusted network of consultants which allows me to expand my reach. Their educational webinars help me stay up-to-date on important topics and have smarter conversations with my clients. Finally, their rigorous vetting process ensures that I have access to a supportive and collaborative community of professionals at all times."

- Mariam Huss | Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

“Consultant Allies helped me define what I wanted to accomplish as an independent consultant and provided me with an action plan to achieve those goals. The network has provided me with access to a team of consultants with a range of specialties that help me source new opportunities and continue to grow as a consultant. It’s an honor be a part of a community where everyone so active, collaborative, and resourceful.”

- Mubashir Memon | Independent Consultant

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